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Monopoly on DERP: Elizabeth Warren Sounds Off on Apple iPhone and Gets Blasted

Fuzzy Chimp

Leave it to Elizabeth Warren to focus on an issue that's 1/1024th as important as the many problems facing our nation.

We have a border crisis, average Americans feeling the price crunch of high inflation, and growing threats of war but Chief Spitting Bull is focused on the color of text message bubbles.


You either listened to all that, stabbed your ears with the nearest sharp object about halfway through, or couldn't bring yourself to click it.

Here's a quick summary:

When Apple iPhone users text each other, it uses Apple's iMessage service, and your text messages are surrounded by a blue bubble. When a non-iPhone user messages you, it doesn't use iMessage and your text messages appear in a green bubble.

In Senator Warren's mind this is greenbubblephobic … or something like that. Apple is 'ruining relationships'. Yep, she said that.

That's right. Apple is not blocking text messages or anything of that sort. They're just a different color.

Back in the day, Democrats loved segregating people by color, but that was quite a bit worse than text message color schemes. We digress.


But are the smoke signals green if she's using an Android blanket?

It all seems like an awfully ridiculous thing for a U.S. Senator to be focused on. Are we supposed to believe people actually care what color text message bubbles are?

Okay, fine. There might be a few out there. (Yes, they're joking.)

It takes some effort to be the dumbest in a population of politicians, but Warren is putting up a heckuva run for the title.

Speaking of 'monopoly' … what is she talking about?

'Why isn't Bruce answering my text messages? It must be that rascally iPhone!'

People were quick to call her out with their own experiences.


Yep, lots of people have smartphones that aren't iPhones.

They also have facts.

Apple has a strong position in the U.S. market but is beaten by Android-based phones across the globe. Even their 'grip' on the American market is hardly a monopoly.

Warren has clearly been kicking back the firewater again … or she's just being dishonest.

Warren has had it in for Apple for some time now. It always makes us a bit nervous when politicians get too involved in trying to tell businesses what to do.


There's that too.

Democrats seem to be clueless about what is going on in the lives of average Americans.

We're exhausting a lot more of our budgets on food and gas while this lady with a net worth between $7.5 and $12 million is focused on green text message bubbles.

Good point.

Once again, Elizabeth Warren is off the reservation.

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