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Piers Morgan Tells Israel to 'Show Restraint' and the Internet Tells Piers Morgan to SHUT UP

Photo by Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP, File

Piers Morgan earned himself some well-deserved Twitter/X angst in the wake of Iran raining down missiles and drones on Israel.

As is always the case, the talking heads across international media call for 'restraint' by Israel when they are attacked.


Imagine hundreds of missiles bombarding an American city and being told that we need to 'show restraint'.

The cries of 'we must not forget that Israel attacked FIRST' are blaring across social media.

Oh, really? Hezbollah and Iranian-backed rebel forces in Yemen attack Israel often. It's an ongoing situation. The high-level Iranian general killed in the attack on the consulate, Mohammad Reza Zahedi, has been directly implicated in the planning and execution of Hamas's October 7 terrorist attacks against Israel.

It would be like telling the U.S. to exercise restraint with 9/11 terrorists.

Many Twitter/X users had thoughts for Piers.

Short and to the point.

Again, this constant 'restraint' refrain is unique to Israel.

It's a good question. Israel is expected to sacrifice her people from time to time if it means the rest of the world doesn't have to bother with a wider conflict that might result in higher gas prices. Generally, the expected death toll is a couple of Israelis on a bus here, another one stabbed to death there, but over a thousand killed in a day … restraint? No, they've got work to do.


Right. They refused to sit back and be murdered in their own country by people who are funded and working with Iran.

Another good question. Why? Because nobody expects restraint from Stone Age barbarians.

There is always going to be a 'blame Israel first' crowd.


Israel has nuclear weapons. They are showing restraint.

Exactly this. Do you hear that, Piers? Israel has been practicing restraint. It earned them October 7.


It looks like a resounding 'shut up', Piers.

It's almost like we've all watched this before. Piers is just one of the latest messengers telling Israel to do what no other nation on earth is asked to do - allow their people to be regularly attacked and killed.

Thankfully, some people have the sense to tell Nevile to shut his bangers-and-mash-hole.

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