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RFK Jr.'s siblings try to sink his third party run faster than Uncle Ted's Chappaquiddick sedan

(Paul Fusco/Magnum Photos, courtesy Danziger Gallery/San Francisco Museum of Modern Art via AP)

Can you imagine trashing your own brother to defend a nearly-fossilized Joe Biden?

Well, you don't have to, because that's exactly what Kerry, Rory, Joe, and Kathleen Kennedy chose to do, and all we can do is laugh.


Not only did they diss their brother, but they also invoked their dead father to participate in the hit job.

That's pretty low, even for a Kennedy.

Spot on assessment. LOL.

We've been saying this for years.

It is, but not even on the top ten list of shameful things Kennedy's have done.

Look around you, Kennedy clan. Joe Biden has already been dangerous to our country.


Right? Is it really that hard to just keep your mouth shut about your brother? There are plenty of liberals to denounce RFK Jr. for running 'against Joe Biden' (even though it's not yet clear that his run does the most damage to Biden).

Thanksgiving's gonna be so awkward.

LOL! That's the Democrat message these days.

'Democracy is on the ballot. Derp!'

Democracy is the ballot, knuckleheads.

They broke the First Amendment! Heh.

As you might have guessed, the Star Wars bar scene of political TwitterX showed up to support the sibling saboteurs.


What kind of people attack their own flesh and blood to gain the praise of people like this?

Leftists … they're just really messed up, y'all.

Maybe trying to get in on some of that opposition sibling grift?

He's got a point.

RFK Jr. certainly seems to genuinely believe the positions he promotes. He's also a leftist and would make a better spoiler than a president.


Ah, Camelot … more like Cam-e-not. (Even we cringed at that one.)

Family first.

If Joe Biden takes precedence over your brother, you need to work on your priorities.

Yeah … that gene doesn't run in their family.


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