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SHOCKING: Keith Olbermann makes Menendez misdeeds all about Republicans


Brace yourselves, we have some shocking news: Keith Olbermann is frothing with rage.

Didn't see that coming, did you?

What is the perpetually outraged Olbermann's current motivation for spitting on his keyboard? He's demanding to know what motivation Menendez has to resign because all those nasty Republicans wouldn't do it … in Keith's mind.


Lack of shame? Profiting from unreality? Institutionalizing ignoring of guilt?

It's like Keith's rewriting his bio.

Projection, thy name is Keith Olbermann.

Olbermann is not entirely wrong. Shaming politicians into resigning is becoming a rarer and rarer occurrence. Democrats used to, in fact, be very good at using their leftwing media counterparts to make Republican politicians apologize for non-offenses or even step down.

Then Bill Clinton entered the chat.

When the news broke that Bill Clinton had abused an intern in the Oval Office, many thought his resignation would follow shortly after. And, yes, no amount of chanting 'consensual' will ever whitewash the fact that the most powerful man in the world took advantage of a young starry-eyed intern to satisfy his urges. It was abuse.


If you want to put a pin in the event that led to the current state of affairs, Mr. Olbermann, look no further than Bill Clinton.

Not only did Democrats make a hero of Bill Clinton, this isn't even the first time Bob Menendez was charged with corruption.

Just as Democrats flanked Clinton in the Rose Garden as a show of support after being impeached following the Lewinsky scandal, they allowed Menendez to skate in 2018. Menendez's biggest mistake was committing the same crime twice.

Even the media and some Democrats find it difficult to save their corrupt buddies twice.


It's so adorable that these folks think the Democrats followed a rule book … at least one that wasn't written by Alinsky.


The martyrdom of Al Franken will always be one of the funniest moments in political history. Democrats essentially threw gas on the 'me too' movement in an attempt to destroy Trump. Gillibrand screwed up and momentarily thought Democrat politicians actually meant the things they were saying … plus she had delusions of running for president.


The 'conviction of Thomas after impeachment'. That is just beyond hilarious.

RIP, Al Franklin. Gone, but not forgotten.

Democrats are having a hard time dealing with the political culture they created.

They long for the days when they could force out the GOP Senate Majority Leader with bogus claims of racism while simultaneously lionizing a drunken creep who left a woman to drown in the Chappaquiddick.


Poor Keith. He still doesn't get it. He probably never will.


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