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Greg Gutfeld smeared as 'downplaying' the Holocaust by dishonest journalists

Twitter was ablaze in the early morning hours with the latest smear of a right-leaning pundit. This time, it was Greg Gutfeld's turn … again.

So what egregious sin did Gutfeld commit this time? According to left wing journalists and commenters, and functionally left wing figures like Bill Kristol, Greg Gutfeld 'downplayed the horrors of the Holocaust' … and worse.


We're sure you've learned by now that you can't trust anything these people tell you. Your first instinctive reaction to such a story at this point should be distrust. They've earned it.

So what actually happened?

The panel on The Five was discussing VP Kamala Harris lying about Florida's new African American History Strand in the newly minted State Academic Standards for Social Studies.

The same people who have been lying to you about Florida's curriculum are now accusing Gutfeld of downplaying the Holocaust. That should be all you need to know, but we here at Twitchy provide you with better journalism than the hacks spouting off about Gutfeld.

Gutfeld's Jewish colleague, Jessica Tarlov, stated that she was uncomfortable with the sentence from the curriculum standard that has generated so much contention. The sentence is:

Clarification 1: Instruction includes how slaves developed skills which, in some instances, could be applied for their personal benefit.

This is one sentence out of over 200 pages, but has been used as a wedge issue by Democrats and liberal journalists to attack conservatives and Ron DeSantis. (Yes, it's all about politics.)


Bill Kristol, enabler of leftists, pounced on the opportunity to mischaracterize what happened.

After mentioning the Florida curriculum, Tarlov commented that, as a Jewish person, she would take offense to someone suggesting that there was some benefit to Jews during the Holocaust, perhaps developing a strong work ethic or learning a new skill. She was making a perfectly valid analogy to support her argument.

Gutfeld interjected that Viktor Frankl wrote in his book that some survived the concentration camps by being useful (he was a doctor).

This is where bias and bad faith cause the wheels of decency to fall of the bus.

Someone who was trying to understand Gutfeld's point in good faith could easily understand him to be making the point that, in Tarlov's example, there are perfectly valid scenarios where a person might mention the benefit of skills, even during such a horrendous event as the Holocaust. He was providing a counterexample. You can argue whether it was a good point or not, but to run with 'Gutfeld's downplaying the Holocaust' is just hot garbage.


Perhaps the black professors, Dr. William Allen and Dr. Frances Presley Rice, who helped craft the Florida standards had similar good intentions when the now infamous sentence was placed in the curriculum standards. That was Gutfeld's ultimate point. Nah, they're probably just racists, eh Bill Kristol?

We here at Twitchy believe it's wise to listen to the African Americans who helped author the African American History standards as a more reliable source of what they intended than a Democrat politician trying to race bait the nation to score cheap political points.

We also think it might make sense to ask Greg Gutfeld what he meant instead of assuming you're getting an honest assessment from a Twitter account that calls herself 'Decoding Fox News'. No hint of bias there. LOL.

Nothing Gutfeld said could be construed as 'downplaying the horrors of the Holocaust'. We don't have to mention the systematic murder of six million Jews every time we discuss the Holocaust because we have a term that everyone knows refers to that unique historic atrocity. We call it The Holocaust.

The Decoding Fox News account and Bill Kristol got the smear machine cranked up and idling with the softer, yet still incredibly egregious, version of the slander. Then it was time for the pros to take over.


Tristan Snell has entered the chat.

Suddenly, Greg Gutfeld has now stated that 'the Holocaust wasn't all bad for Jews'. What the Snell, dude?

'Let's go after their advertisers because of this thing I just totally concocted out of whole cloth!'


Tristan isn't going to let that get in his way. That's what the mini Greg Gutfeld living in Snell's mind was thinking!

Because it works.

People believe it. He gets clicks and retweets. Gutfeld's reputation is damaged based on a lie.

It's all good for Tristan Snell.

Twitter is awash with willing dupes who just accept the characterization they were fed … and who also believe Rick Wilson. Yeah, we just cringed.

See how it morphs as it spreads? Now Fox News supports the Holocaust. Unbelievable.

This is what they have to do though because what Gutfeld actually said and actually meant doesn't support the narrative they want to peddle and need to believe.


Damin Toell does a good deep dive in this thread into what Gutfeld said, why he said it, where he missed on Frankl, and the complete lack of honesty by Tristan Snell.

The misinformation is loose now, and nobody's going to let facts get in their way.

They're just going to run with 'Gutfeld said the Holocaust wasn't that bad'.

Leave it to Seth Abramson to play connect-the-dots on fantasy antisemitism. LOL.


We're not sure how dishonestly screeching 'racist, Nazi, antisemite!' at every opportunity is basic decency, but we'll keep correcting the smears because we all know they're not going to stop.


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