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Can you tell us how to get … how to get our kids away from activists on Sesame Street?

The Pride Month barrage has begun in earnest … or is that Ernie? The month of June is the dedicated month for corporations to virtue signal their support for the LGBTQ cause. So … like every other month except they stamp #PrideMonth and rainbows on everything.


Sesame Street has already joined the action on Twitter.

There’s nothing explicitly offensive in the text of their tweet, but why is the Left constantly trying to drag children into topics of sexual preference and gender identity?

We know why. They’re afraid you won’t teach your children to think about these topics the way they want them to think, so they’re going to teach them for you.

Yes, the meaning of the word ‘groomer’ has become a bit blurred, but in modern culture it simply means actions intended to manipulate children into accepting modern leftist beliefs about sexual orientation and gender identity often without the consent of the children’s parents.

That last part is key. Parents used to know they could sit their child down in front of Sesame Street or Peppa Pig while they did the laundry with full confidence their kid wouldn’t be exposed to mature topics.

That trust is gone.

These outlets now believe it is their right … their mission … to indoctrinate (or ‘groom’) children with beliefs on these topics they think are acceptable.


Is is that difficult to teach children about reading and math and kindness without introducing young minds to these topics?

Of course it’s not. It’s what Sesame Street has always done, until recently.

Yeah it’s sort of like that. The targeting of young children with these topics that are only suitable for mature minds is everywhere.

Would any sane parent tolerate a stranger walking up to their 3-year-old on the street and begin proselytizing about their sexual preferences?

Of course not.

But if that street happens to be Sesame Street … well by all means!

How about ‘NO’?

Yes, there were memes. We can’t show you many of them.

Let’s just say, a lot of people don’t want Sesame Street talking to children about these types of things.

‘Hey, why don’t you all just sit down and shut up. We’ll take control of filling your child’s mind from here on out. If you don’t let us do this, you’re a bad person.’

Yeah, that’s not gonna happen. Accept that.


The response, of course, will be ‘why do you think this is about sex, you pervert!’

How about you explain exactly what Pride Month is without mentioning sex?

Yes, the Left confiscates everything if we let them.

‘Welcome to Sesame Street, where you WILL learn your LGB’s and 123’s!’

Oh, they still are. The difference was they used to stick to values that were generally acceptable to all of society.

Now they’re pushing leftists values.

Imagine if Sesame Street suddenly decided to cover religious preference.

‘Hi friends! Elmo would like to talk you about my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!’

Yeah, that would go over well. LOL.

‘There’s no slippery slope!’



Yeah, we’re pretty sure Sesame Street has a ‘One Way’ sign posted on that tolerance.


‘Sunny day … keepin’ John Weaver away … ‘

They’re never going to stop trying to parent your kids. We can’t stop pushing back.


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