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Josselyn Berry tweets image threatening gun violence against 'transphobes' AFTER Nashville shooting

The Press Secretary for Arizona Governor Katie Hobbs, Josselyn Berry, tweeted an image from a movie, depicting a woman dual-wielding two handguns. Berry added the caption ‘Us when we see transphobes’ herself, just 12 hours after a transgender person murdered six people at a Christian school in Nashville.


The tweet has now been flagged as violating Twitter’s rules and Josselyn Berry has protected her account. Twitter users, however, have the receipts and are calling out Berry for her vile tweet.

The tweet remained public for a long time with no interest from the press.

CBS, NBC, WaPo, USA Today, Salon, Vanity Fair, HuffPo, People … essentially every single news outlet did manage to jump all over Tennessee Representative Andy Ogles hours after the school shooting because his family posed with guns for a Christmas card.

A dumb photo months before the shooting was serious news to these hacks, but they have largely ignored a Democrat press secretary implying violence is the answer to people who oppose the idea of transgenderism, hours after people were murdered by a transgender person.

The nauseating tweet was captured and shared by many Twitter users, despite no longer being available.


Josselyn Berry was replying to another tweeter who said ‘Not sure these transphobic-from-the-left posers know who they’re messing with’. The thread began with Berry calling out fellow leftists, essentially claiming people who did not support the trans movement could not call themselves progressives and were transphobes hiding behind feminism.

The radical trans activist wing of the liberal left is utterly reactionary at this point. There is no thought, no reasoning, and apparently no limit some of them won’t stoop to.

Exactly. The media would have pounced on the story immediately, joining the chorus of people calling for them to be fired.

They made the rules. Let’s make them live by them.

This is why new media and social media is important. The big news outlets would love to deep-six a story like this. Now they can’t.


We expect they won’t be able to avoid the story much longer. Arizona media outlets have now reported on the tweet, as well as the NY Post and Washington Times.

In our current politically-divided culture, people are often too quick to deem certain speech as an ‘incitement to violence’, so we need to be careful here.

To be fair, Berry simply tweeted an image of a woman … holding two guns … fingers on the triggers … and added her own caption ‘Us when we see transphobes’ … sending a clear message that people she labels ‘transphobes’ deserve to be … uh … well … SHOT … so … umm … yeah.

Seems like a clear case of incitement to violence to us. Sickening.


We’re guessing Josselyn Berry and Katie Hobbs are having a rough night. She deserves every bit of it.

This almost seems unfair to the other morons who make the List.

A reasonable suggestion.

In the old days, people like Josselyn Berry could earn their ‘I’m a good trans supporter’ merit badges by displaying an ugly flag. Now they have to make violent threats.


Right wing groups are calling for Berry to be fired.

Cue the ‘Republicans pounce’ headlines from the media. Seriously though:

Every friggin’ time.

‘Hey, if I decide you’re a transphobe, I’m gonna shoot you! Also, you must surrender your guns, transphobe!’

Uh, no.


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