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Sex ed: NBC News reporter wants parents and their 'backwards ideas' out of sex education

This is the Left right now: ‘OH NO! There is a dystopian nightmare in Florida, where authoritarian Ron DeSantis might allow schools to collect super private menstrual cycle data on student athletes!’ (A complete misrepresentation of reality, we might add.) At the same time, left wing reporter, Kat Tenbarge, is advocating to let schools teach children her preferred brand of sex education because those ignorant parents can’t be trusted with such things.


You have to admire their consistent inconsistency.

‘You can’t collect information that’s collected by many other states, Nazi! Also, let’s discuss the pelvic floor, little Timmy!’

My word.

As you might expect, Twitter didn’t take kindly to this dissing of parents.

‘Stay away from our kids’ was the resounding response. Maybe prove you can teach them science and math before considering yourselves up to the challenge of sex education.

Now we’re getting to the heart of the matter. It’s not just about sex education. Liberals want a certain kind of sex education – one that accepts a promiscuous lifestyle and confused gender identities for children as the norm.


Hold on while we do some thinking on this one …

… Pretty sure we’re getting somewhere.


Becket nailed it.

Actually, nailing it is pretty much exactly how you get sexually transmitted diseases. Sorry.

‘I knew when Mom and Dad finally gave in and let me go to public school I’d finally get good sex education because Miss Tombac seemed very itchy.’


But parents just aren’t equipped! The rainbow-haired 20-something pronoun lady with more hardware on her face than a Home Depot is definitely the sex ed hero we need.

‘Drop and give me 20. Yeah, it looks sort of like that.’

After billions upon billions of humans were birthed on this planet, NOW we question if parents can teach children about the birds and the bees.

That depends on how good their memories are, we suppose. <cringe emoji>

Not qualified to teach what they want to teach your children about sex.

The replies were as disgusting as you’d guess. You can’t be trusted to teach your children such topics because you might teach them ‘antiquated’ notions, such as a person with a penis is a man.


Notice Kat’s follow-up tweet. The ‘backward ideas’ she’s referring to encompass all of the parents whose sex education for their children would include ‘you shouldn’t be having sex because you’re too young’.

These folks think they have discovered the secret to ‘proper’ sex ed in the past five years. No thanks.

‘Backwards’ is code for ‘not liberal approved’.



This time they’ll get it right. They promise.

Spot on, Boo!



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