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Limited Run Games canceled an employee to appease the woke mob - it's not going well for them

Limited Run Games is the latest company to fire an employee as a result of the cancel culture mentality we’re often told is nonexistent by people on the Left.


The game company announced the termination they say resulted after ‘investigating a situation’. No more details were offered, so we can’t tell you what factors went into the decision to fire the employee, but we can tell you what people are saying about the matter on Twitter, who appears to have been axed, and what the people of Twitter believe led to her termination.

If the reason for the firing is as described on Twitter, it appears Limited Run Games doesn’t respect personal opinions or an inclusive culture at all.

It appears the employee was likely sacked after a small number of accounts accused the employee of transphobia on Twitter – a scenario we’ve seen play out too many times.

This appears to be the tweet that many took issue with. It has now been deleted but can still be viewed on the Internet Archive.


A tweet from an alleged fired employee of Limited Run Games that reads 'If you think the # of trans crying about using a bathroom is higher than the perves using the excuse, you are what is wrong with this world.'

This tweet is over 6 years old, but is also just as reasonable as it was on the day it was tweeted. It’s a perfectly valid position to be concerned that perverted men would take advantage of transgenderism to help themselves to women’s restrooms. Only the radical trans activist world denies this.

It’s hard to say exactly what prompted the cancel clown crew to spin up their rage machine against a years-old tweet, but everything after that played out according to the template:

  1. Leftists gets offended.
  2. Leftists dig up tweets to demonstrate why they’re offended.
  3. Instead of just ignoring the opinion, leftists start tagging the company the tweeter works for to get revenge for having their feelings hurt.
  4. Company caves to a handful of whiny leftists and fires an employee.


These folks like to pretend they’re too fragile to suffer the slightest offense, yet they’re often the first to respond to words with a brutal attack on a person’s livelihood.


It’s time for companies like Limited Run Games to stop pandering to this nonsense.


Several accounts were involved in the tattle tweeting campaign, but perhaps the most notable was from the account ‘Purple Tinker’, a left wing transgender Twitter user, who seems to be no stranger to controversy based on a quick search. Limited Run Games should have been more careful about being bullied by people like this.

Tweet: 'The community manager for @LimitedRunGames , @/KaraLynne0326, is a transphobe who follows a veritable who's who of right-wing transphobic creeps. Unless and until she is fired from the company permanently, I am not giving them another single dime. (CW: Transphobia)'

The first complaint from Purple Tinker was that the accused woman followed the wrong kinds of accounts. Much tolerance. So open-minded.

More tweets accusing another account of transphobia.

Tinker then went on to highlight more wrongthink follows and then cited the aforementioned tweet.

Tweets accusing another account of being transphobic.

Up next was a complaint about the Limited Run Games employee’s opinion on the Jessica Yavin ‘refused to wax me’ controversy. If you don’t know, be thankful.

This was followed by the predictable ‘I’m gonna hurt your business if you don’t do what I want’ threats that are typical of the radical woke mafia.

Tweet saying employee was fired for offending transgender activist.

Mission accomplished. A woman’s livelihood was impacted because a handful of intolerant radical leftists demand that no opinions except their own should be allowed.

More like Purple Stinker, eh?

Purple Tinker apparently got the attention they ordered because their Twitter account is gone – deleted or deactivated. One way or the other, we’re sure this person is now convinced they are the victim in this entire debacle.


Twitter did not look kindly on the canceling event or Limited Run Games for cowing to the pressure.

Go woke, go broke? Limited Run Games will find out.

It’s a rather niche market. Perhaps alienating customers to meet the demands of a few yapping yahoos might not be the best business decision.

Many Twitter users were hoping for a similar limited run for Limited Run Games.

Nailed it.

People are getting a bit fed up with this nonsense.


This person was chomping at the bit to get on their high horse, hoof it over to Twitter, and stage a dog and pony show of offense they hoped would harm the employee.

Limited Run Games may soon find out they should have put their cart before the horse in this case.

It’s not looking like the wisest move.

With over 3 million views of their tweet, and lots of negative feedback, Limited Run Games disabled replies to the tweet and are likely in a bit of a panic.

Congrats, indeed.

Seems simple enough. LOL.

It would have been so easy just to ignore it.


This is likely what started the scavenger hunt into the employee’s old tweets. There is seething hate for J.K. Rowling, author of the Harry Potter series, and the employee allegedly expressed excitement for wanting to play the new Harry Potter game.

Only transphobes want to play Harry Potter games, according to lunatics.

We can’t confirm these details because the employee’s account is locked.

Must have been a limited run of replies. LOL.


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