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Hulk dash? Mark Ruffalo announces he's leaving Twitter by not actually leaving Twitter

Nerd Hulk actor, Mark Ruffalo, is among the latest batch of self-important celebrities to announce he’s leaving Twitter. Okay, he’s not actually leaving Twitter … we don’t think … it’s all a bit confusing.


Droning out the latest approved buzzwords ‘unpredictable’ and ‘harmful’, Ruffalo exhibits the all-too-familiar conformist streak we see in today’s celebrities.

They don’t really attempt to explain how Twitter is becoming unpredictable or how it’s ‘harmful to marginalized groups’.

We can clear that up for you: Twitter was predictably favorable to leftist groupthink before Elon Musk took over, and now they don’t have total control. The ‘marginalized groups’ consist of anybody on the left whose ideas should never be challenged in the court of public opinion, as far as people like Ruffalo are concerned.

The actor went on to tell his fans how they could keep up with him.

He’ll be on Tumblr for ‘open communication’, meaning only the right (Left) people are allowed to speak. LOL.


He finished his announcement by saying he’s not leaving Twitter.


So stunning. So brave.

We have to admit that leaving Twitter by not leaving Twitter is an interesting approach, although hardly new with this crew.

Marginalized Mark.

If they had legitimate complaints they wouldn’t need to hide behind a veil of ambiguity with phrases like ‘unpredictable’ and ‘harmful’. They would just give examples of all the horrible things happening.


… by not actually moving. LOL.

Leftists like Mark Ruffalo are perfectly fine with people’s voices being suppressed, as long as their guys are doing it.

HA! That seems to be the case.

Makes perfect sense, unless you know many of your ideas cannot stand up to scrutiny.

Let’s be real, convincing people that men can be women is a nonstarter in a world where open debate of ideas is the norm. These folks need an environment where opposing viewpoints are silenced.


What he said.

It’s a tired tactic: Pretend people are evil for holding popular opinions because there are fewer people who hold the opposing opinion.

We’re done with that.

LOL. Nice.

Hey, all those drama classes are paying off, Mark Ruffalo!

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