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Fascism roundup: Crazy people keep tweeting about fascism because they might lose an election

We’ve been reporting on a lot of unhinged election-fueled hysterics lately. Instead of just pointing out a single Twitter blue check personality coming unglued about ‘fascism’, we thought it might be fun to just give you a roundup of a bunch of them at once.


That’s right, President Unity has so successfully united the nation that crazy people, who have enough clout to earn a Twitter blue check, can be found screeching about ‘fascism’ every day.

Why are they so frantic? Because it looks like Democrats are in trouble in the upcoming midterms. We love to see it!

This guy spent about 6 months wearing a grim reaper costume on Florida beaches over COVID. That sounds like a joke. It’s not. Thankfully, he’s so bad even Democrats cut him loose in the primaries for Florida AG.

Rob’s a Twitchy favorite. The man can barely tweet without using the word ‘fascism’.

The fascists are about to VOTE, everyone! This is a major problem for democracy! LOL. They’re not particularly bright.

The problem for Democrats, Lisa, is that one of them is actually real, and it’s hurting American families.


Dude, you founded the Lincoln Project with a guy who likes to hit on young men. Your judgement on pretty much anything is questionable.

Yes, there’s certainly a lack of unhinged leftists talking about ‘fascism’. Ha!

It isn’t fascism. Is there anything else we can help you with today?

We do agree that a person being sentenced to prison for the same crime Democrats committed, with no punishment, does smack a little of fascism.


It’s going to be funny when these doofuses lose. Are they going to say fascism has now begun, or are they just going to continue to say it’s almost here? LOL.

They all sound like college students who learned about politics for the first time. It’s really pitiful.

‘Rick Wilson’. That’s the joke. LOL.

Protect the right to kill the most vulnerable and innocent humans on the planet … to stop fascism. You can’t make this stuff up.


You need to get some fresh air, Luke. You’re unwell.

Fine, Neil. You’re a fascist. Feel better?

If the answer’s not ‘reality’, it’s not worth reading.

Inflation’s out of control, but we have a surplus of loons.

That’s the bottom line, folks: This is coming directly from the President of the United States. We’d rather have mean tweets.

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