Just to be clear, MrBeast didn’t cure any blind people. There was no mass meetup at the Pool of Siloam. He paid for them to have a simple surgery that can correct a form of bad vision that renders the victim functionally blind.

MrBeast is a highly successful YouTuber who rakes in clicks with his amusing videos, often involving him spending, or giving away, large sums of money. If you want to know more, ask your kids.

Pretty awesome, right?

Not so fast. The Spoilers of Everything™ who live on Twitter will let no good deed go unpunished.

Where is the vast amount of criticism coming from? I’m sure you could probably guess, but it’s the horde of leftwing whiners who have their knickers in a knot because MrBeast did not help 1,000 people in the way they demand.

Reality check: Those leftists constantly demanding that the rich ‘pay their fair share’ actually mean there should be no rich people. To them, MrBeast is a cancer created by the evils of capitalism, and his money would be better spent if he just surrendered it … to them.

Bingo! Government is the correct solution, in their minds, to solve all of society’s ills. A story like this, where a rich guy voluntarily uses his wealth to help people, harms the narrative they’re trying to create to push their agenda. ‘Rich guy bad.’

Why can’t he do both? Why do people have to do ‘good’ in the way they demand? (Which historically rarely results in good, unless you love shared misery.)

Some form of ‘he’s just doing it for the likes’ is the complaint from much of MrBeast’s critics.

First, what a pathetically cynical view. Second, who cares? We doubt the people who got a free surgery and are no longer blind give a rat’s rear end whether MrBeast got some clicks at their ‘expense’.

What is a ‘click’ after all? It means somebody clicked through to his content, watched it, advertisers got their ads in front of the viewer, so they paid YouTube for the ad views, and MrBeast got a cut of the cash.

That’s it. MrBeast got the big corporations to give him a cut of the ad revenue for his content, so he can turn around and give more money away or produce more videos like this.

That’s what they’re mad about. Seriously.

That pretty much sums up the situation.

Oh, sit back and we’ll show you, friend.

Brianna Wu jumped on the altruistic terrorism of using one’s wealth to help people and then deleted her tweet. We’re guessing it was, indeed, an unpopular opinion with many.

Charity is creepy to Brianna.

‘Hey, that guy did something good. Seems like a good time to smear him.’

People … geez.

We can hear it now: ‘Ackshually, heart disease is the leading cause of death in America … ‘

In summary, from ‘CommunistsEgirl’: ‘Charity is bad because I want your money to crank through the government waste and fraud machine before being doled out to whomever those in power deem worthy.’

You know who else doesn’t use THEIR money? Communists.

No thanks.

Helping 1,000 people get a surgery to cure their blindness is evil, yo!

‘Here is my deeply analytical take on why this MrBeast video is problematic in our broken society. Please like, retweet, and click through the link in my bio to my YouTube channel.’

What a monster!

‘Not like that’. That’s exactly it. ‘You have to help people MY WAY!’

Goblins is a good choice of words. LOL.

That’s enough of the miserable people. Twitter had plenty of humorous takes as well.


LOL! Perfect. (This editor is a Bengals fan … and still in pain.)


This is a lie. Nobody knows how to write JavaScript.

Nailed it.