Rob Reiner is always good for a laugh. His tweets always read exactly like you might expect from someone who has spent his life surrounded by people committed to dramatizing reality.

Today’s gem was no exception. According to Reiner, you have two choices on the ballot this November: ‘Democracy or Fascism’. Reiner’s tweet needs some accompanying ominous suspense chords – ‘Democracy or Fascism! Dun dun duuuuunnnnn!’

Voting is going to be so weird this November. We’re all used to seeing candidate names on our ballots. Not this year! ‘Completely darken the oval to the left of Democracy or Fascism on your ballot’. We have this image of a couple leaving their polling place saying ‘I couldn’t decide who to choose for State Central Committee Member, but I finally went with Fascism’.

Egads, these folks have lost it. As you might have guessed, Twitter users had opinions on Reiner’s hyperbolic hysterics.

There’s that unity we were promised. LOL.

‘Othering’ an entire population of people and painting them as evil in pursuit of creating a one-party monopoly over government? The bat has a point.

And people say conservatives never offer solutions. Ha!


They don’t really think these things through, do they? Gotta lock up that wild-eyed progressive vote for Democrats! LOL.

But they swore Biden was only talking about a small subset of the GOP! That’s not what the Meatheads of the left are hearing.

We never thought we’d see the day!

That’s it.