A nation in recession and various other demise is due for a bright spot. Al-Qaeda to the rescue, President Biden announced that a CIA drone strike killed al-Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri in Afghanistan. Americans are still plenty angry about the events of 9/11. Circa 2001. That ought to put Mr. Biden in a whole new heroic light right? You don’t mess with President Pudding Cup when he, Joe Biden, issues a threat. We’re serious.

We are all for taking nefarious entities down in the name of saving our citizens.

Wait, what? We are trying to take this aggresive stance somewhat seriously – despite the deliverer of the message, honest.

Not to give fuel to wild speculation, but just who is Joe Biden really threatening?

Evidently no one is scared for the targeted terrorists. In fact, most are wondering what the point of this mission and this message is, really.

Half of the nation is a bit, um, skeptical. But you do you tough guy Joe, because Trump probably couldn’t have gotten away with the same.

Not that he wouldn’t have tried.

If, indeed, President Biden is prepared to protect this great nation from threats abroad, prepare for an influx of support. Respect has to be earned, but history suggests the American people would stand behind a leader willing to take a true and necessary stand for their country.