“I prefer high gas prices,” says the bureaucrat, desperately supporting the painful Biden Administration economy that POTUS seems to be trying to downplay. No really, if gas prices are higher, the commoners will be forced to drive less and unicorns will appear in the land of green fields and everlasting rainbows.

Bring on the ratio. No one *wants* to personally pay more for gas, do they? Side note, it is possible to take it upon yourself to drive less if you want to save the environment no matter what the gas prices are.

We know we know, the Left wants to dictate what everyone else does under the guise of saving the Earth without regard for their personal contribution to the warming (or cooling) of the globe.

The stench of sanctimony can’t be great for the planet either.

That’s the rub, the people who suffer the most when gas prices are high have less options and alternatives for transportation. How can the party that vows to care for every citizen fail to see how rising costs negatively impact their supporters with consequences that go far beyond prices at the pump?

Certainly the bureaucrat would be happy to start another Federal program to help the poors who are affected by Leftist policies. Meanwhile, the affluent can continue to afford modern conveniences and luxuries, like hopping on their private jets to visit climate change protest and such.

Sorry elitist pushers of poor policy, the common folk with an iota of awareness aren’t into being subjected to your madness. Enjoy your luxury Priuses.