With the current state of Biden’s economy, you may be tempted to give into doom and gloom. Surviving a depressed economy is not exactly a joyous existence.  Hashtags, however, do their part to make Twitter fun again.  Twitchy favorite, The Morning Spew, and a zealous band of rabble-rousers with a wry sense of humor are full of ideas for making every dollar count.

Where to begin? For starters, check your eating habits.

Just don’t forget the hot sauce, economic pain is no excuse for failing to be inclusive of all cultures. Absolutely everyone though, is feeling the price of gas hitting their wallets, hard. Consider economical alternatives?

Really, everyone just needs to learn to go without the luxuries of modern life.

If things get really bad and you have to go to extremes, at least there are options to consider.

Feel better? The economy sucks, but laughter is king and now you are prepared.  Thank the Twitter.