With the easing of mask mandates and other COVID regulations, a lot of the world has resumed some semblance of pre-pandemic normalcy. Though not everyone is ready to move on, such as Dara Kass, MD who is still COVID testing on the regular.

Based on the ratio of snarky responses, that’s a bit excessive under present conditions, Dar.

Not even the pets are safe in the mockery zone – tests for everyone and everything, all of the time!

If you are suffering from long panic due to the fear-porn distributed by the media, et al., it is nice to know testing requirements still linger in some situations.

Irrational paranoia should continue to be encouraged. An abundance of social virtue kits must continue to be supplied on demand, to be covered by taxpayers, naturally.

At this point, it is getting difficult to discern parody takes on the entirely tired topic of COVID fears and debatable measures of prevention.

At least continuous snot swabs and hardcore commitment to mask use are current choices (poor only kid on the team standing outside with a useless piece of paper strapped to his face who gets mom’s choice). Brace yourselves for another season of radical fear porn and excessive government oversight, clearly, some folks are quadruple-vaxxed, double-masked, and still waiting to tell everyone they told you so.