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The Biden Campaign Thinks This Ad Makes TRUMP Look Bad? (Projection Alert!)

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When Joe Biden took office the Left's mantra was "respected on the world stage and feared by our enemies again!" That was of course before the wheels started falling off all around the world and now this is happening

Russia is sending a naval detachment to Cuba next week for military exercises that will likely exacerbate tensions with the U.S. amid the war in Ukraine.

Cuba’s military said in a Friday press release that the Russian naval vessels would visit the port of Havana from Wednesday to June 17.

The visiting Russian detachment includes a frigate, a nuclear-powered submarine, an oil tanker and a tugboat, according to Cuba.

“This visit corresponds to the historical friendly relations between Cuba and the Russian Federation,” Cuban officials said in the release, adding that the visit adheres to international regulations. “None of the ships carry nuclear weapons, so their stopover in our country does not represent a threat to the region.”

Then of course there are domestic issues, like high energy prices, grocery bills through the roof and millions and millions of people who have strolled across Biden's open border and into the U.S. from all around the world.

Biden fans seem to think his campaign's new ad about Trump is some sort of nuking, but it's actually denial and projection: 

Does Biden's campaign really think that's a winning approach? "Things are worse by almost every measure but a couple of socialist wangs don't like Trump" might not be the own they think it is.

If the Left wants to see who's laughing at a president they should go look at the cartels who are making a fortune because of Biden.

The Biden campaign has zero, zilch, nada things Joe can run on so their entire shtick is "Trump will destroy democracy!" As usual, "democracy" translates to Democrats maintaining power.

If the world is laughing, it's NOT at Trump:

The only "issue" the Biden campaign has to run on is to try and blame Trump for everything they've done or are still doing.

As usual, the Democrat projection is off the charts.


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