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'Don't Look Up' director chalks up criticism to those who don't have a measure of anxiety about the climate collapsing

The Netflix movie “Don’t Look Up” that was directed and co-written by Adam McKay is getting some mixed reviews.

The film makes it abundantly clear — overly so — that the comet hurtling toward Earth is a metaphor for climate change and those the Left accuses of ignoring the “crisis.”

McKay says that those who haven’t bought in on the climate change alarmism that’s constantly being pushed are more likely to not enjoy his movie:

If people are not freaking out enough by the alarmism the Left is pushing that means they’re like robots? Better a robot than a sheep, perhaps.

If anything’s collapsing it’s been the mental health of people who have allowed themselves to be scared half to death by all the doomsday rhetoric from climate change alarmists.

Part of the metaphor fail in “Don’t Look Up” is that it’s hard to believe that “comet denial” would be a thing in such a situation, but maybe we just don’t have enough anxiety about the climate collapsing.


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