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'This sequence is a disaster': Matt Whitlock connects dots leading to Biden suddenly supporting Covid-19 origin probe

President Biden has apparently done a fast one-eighty when it comes to supporting an investigation into the origin of Covid-19 — or at least what they’ll call an investigation:


When the White House deputy spox was asked today if China (and the W.H.O.) could be trusted to be forthcoming and truthful, she told the reporter to ask China that question:

Republican communications strategist Matt Whitlock has connected the dots (because the MSM won’t care to), and it shouldn’t pump anybody full of confidence:


Too bad we can’t say we’re surprised. And even still, how much of an “investigation” will it really be?

But “no mean tweets,” or something.



‘Don’t help them gaslight’: Matt Whitlock does what the MSM refuse to do and tells the truth about ‘controversial’ Florida voting law

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