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'This is not journalism': Reports about IDF airstrike on media building in Gaza are burying (or totally avoiding) something

The Associated Press and other media outlets have condemned an Israel Defense Forces strike on a building in Gaza where the AP, Al Jazeera TV and others worked. According to the IDF, Hamas also worked out of the building, which was the reason it was destroyed after giving a one-hour warning to evacuate.


Now that the stories are coming out, it’s clear that there are certain aspects that the media will downplay, if not flat-out fail to mention:

So much “journalism”!

The same detail was not mentioned in this Axios story:


Isn’t giving both sides of the story straight out of Journalism 101? But that doesn’t exist anymore — at least not often:

Just a little relevant, yes.


The Associated Press’s statement about the airstrike also left something out:

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