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TAKE COVER! Susan Collins announces decision on Kavanaugh vote (and HAMMERS Avenatti), lefties LOSE IT

Republican Sen. Susan Collins began her remarks ahead of announcing her decision on the confirmation vote for Brett Kavanaugh by blasting the circus that this process turned into, as well as citing Kavanaugh’s rulings from the bench:


Ahead of announcing her decision, Collins invoked an Obama SCOTUS nominee, Merrick Garland, which had to raise liberals’ blood pressure:


Collins also spoke of the many allegations against Kavanaugh. She spoke about the allegations from Christine Blasey Ford:

But Collins took a big hammer to the allegations coming from a client of Michael Avenatti:

As if that wasn’t hard enough for the Left to take, Collins’ final decision on the Kavanaugh vote will be enough to put the Resistance over the edge:


Is it all over now except the shouting? Because we know there’s going to be plenty of that in the wake of Collins’ announcement:


Around the same time of Collins’ speech, adding insult to injury for Dems, Sen. Joe Manchin said he’d be voting “yes” on Kavanaugh tomorrow:

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