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Going Godwin: Arguing for action against Syria, Harry Reid invokes the Holocaust

Harry Reid announced earlier that the Senate will vote Wednesday on whether to proceed to a final vote on a resolution approving a strike on Syria. Reid also “went there”:


Yes, Reid compared the situation in Syria to the Holocaust:

Reid sought to reverse the political momentum that has turned against a use-of-force resolution in recent days by warning that the United States would face future condemnation failing to act.

“Millions and millions of civilians and prisoners of war were murdered by gas in Nazi death camps, Treblink, Auschwitz. ‘Never again,’ swore the world. ‘Never again would we permit the use of these poisonous weapons of war,’” he said on the Senate floor.

Perhaps it was inevitable:

The mixed messages that are being sent by those calling for a strike on Syria are baffling:

Tweeters tried and failed to make sense of Reid:





It’s amazing what difference a Democrat president makes:

If not for that cowboy poetry reading he’s got to get to, Reid would personally lead the charge.

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