As we told you earlier today, Brian Stelter, formerly of CNN, used his final “Reliable Sources” show to remind everyone why he deserved cancellation.

Along the way, Stelter had high praise for the show he hosted:

First of all, being “one of CNN’s top-rated weekend shows” is like being one of the best ballerinas in Guam. And Stelter’s show was so highly-rated and popular that CNN canceled it and sent him packing. However, though we’ve often mocked “Reliable Sources” for its continuous parade of unreliable sources, Stelter’s final sign-off did contain an element of truth:

“The free world needs a reliable source.”

Yeah, and hopefully CNN fills Stelter’s time slot with a show that does just that (though we won’t hold our breath).

Hey, even a broken clock is right twice a day!

It’s amazing that Stelter had the likes of Michael Avenatti, Dan Rather and Adam Schiff on his show regularly without recognizing the irony of doing it on a program titled “Reliable Sources.”



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