Earlier this week Rep. Liz Cheney, who polling shows trailing her GOP challenger by a wide margin ahead of the Wyoming primary a week from next Tuesday, touted a t-shirt endorsement from actor Kevin Costner.

If that wasn’t enough, Rep. Cheney’s campaign has brought in her father, former Vice President Dick Cheney, in an apparent attempt to justify the congresswoman’s work on the January 6th Committee.

From NBC News:

Former Vice President Dick Cheney slammed former President Donald Trump, calling him a “coward” in a new TV ad bolstering his daughter, Wyoming GOP Rep. Liz Cheney, ahead of her primary on Aug. 16.

Liz Cheney is in a hotly contested race against Trump-backed attorney Harriet Hageman. While some of Cheney’s previous ads have made references to fighting for conservative principles, and standing up to lies about the 2020 election, the new ad is Cheney’s first tracked by AdImpact to mention Trump by name.

“In our nation’s 246 year history, there has never been an individual who is a greater threat to our republic than Donald Trump,” Dick Cheney says directly into the camera in the 60-second ad.

If you just arrived from another planet you might assume from this ad that Liz Cheney is running against Donald Trump instead of her GOP primary opponent:

Will that ad win Liz Cheney more support? Place your bets!

“What? We’re still trailing badly? DAD!”

The hyperbole in that ad is something else.

Trump has caused many to lose all sense of historical scope.