Because spending more money than we have hasn’t driven up inflation fast enough for the liking of some people, congressional staffers had a sit-in today at the office of Sen. Chuck Schumer demanding trillions more be printed off ostensibly to battle “climate change”:

“Putting our bodies on the line”? Legit LOL.

These activists should first demand that the air conditioning at all government offices be turned off.

Also, the person who tweeted that and sat in at Chuck Schumer’s office is the son of a Democrat member of Congress.

Enjoy the monsters you’ve created, congressional libs:

These protesters certainly could have gone about it more effectively:

It must be of great comfort to the taxpayers who are paying their salaries that this is how those staffers are spending their days.

So taxpayers are paying these people to demand that Congress spend more taxpayer money which would worsen inflation? Nice.

Eventually, they were arrested:

Seems insurrection-y.

“Fascism” detected!