Everybody remembers who the Biden administration blamed for record high gas prices and inflation (in addition to the Big Oil greed that just coincidentally started when Biden took office): “Putin’s price hikes!”

Now that the price of gas at the pump has stopped rising and started coming down (at least for now), it’s clearly time for the White House to stop blaming Putin and start patting themselves on the back. How’s this for a laughable victory lap?

This administration couldn’t be more predictable. They make everything much worse, then when things get slightly less worse, they take credit for having tackled the problem. Biden did something similar after businesses were allowed to reopen and then they took credit for “creating” millions of jobs all at once.

As usual, the White House gaslights and then sits back and hopes everybody’s really stupid.

They’re trying so hard.

If the White House blamed Putin for the increase, shouldn’t he be credited with the decrease?

Isn’t that how this works?

And Biden would really appreciate it if everybody would thank him for the “incredible transition.”



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