As Spencer Brown over at Townhall reminded us yesterday, three weeks after Biden unveiled his plan that the White House said would bring down gas prices for Americans, the opposite has happened:

Well, since the day before Biden made his remarks, acknowledged the hardships caused by inflation, and offered his plan and policies that would “drive down prices” when Americans fill up their tanks, the national average for a gallon of gas has increased more than 28 cents.

On May 10, when Biden made his promise to reduce gas prices, the AAA national average for unleaded was $4.374. As of Tuesday, the national average stood at $4.622 — another all-time record-high cost — three weeks after Biden promised his plan to allow more biofuels and draw unprecedented amounts from the nation’s Strategic Petroleum Reserve would lower the prices paid by Americans. The quarter+ jump in prices since the last Biden speech in which he appeared to be taking action — that didn’t do what he said it would — means gas today is 44 cents more than one month ago and more than $1.57 more expensive than it was at this time last year.

Inflation? Yeah, that’s getting worse as well, in spite of Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen (and others in this administration) assuring us last year that it would be “transitory.” Those are comments that Yellen now acknowledges were wrong.

Combine that with a mess at the border, war in Ukraine and other crises and we hope the boy band President Biden met with today had some good suggestions on how to fix those issues:

Was that “White House intern” TikTok influencer guy also invited?

The @POTUS account tweeted a video:

Ah, OK.

In the first picture that’s a way of making a “heart” gesture. At least Biden got that right.

Women & children first!