The midterm elections are seven months away, and in many races we’re about to see Democrats making some major distance from President Biden, whose disapproval rating falls somewhere between fingernails on a chalkboard and pink eye.

One example of that is Sen. Mark Kelly, who is attempting to get elected to what would be his first full term in Arizona:

It doesn’t sound as if President Biden is going to be called to Arizona to do much campaigning in this particular race.

From Politico:

The Arizona Democratic senator is breaking palpably with the president as he pursues a full six-year term this fall in a once-reliable red state that’s recently become fertile territory for Democrats. Though Kelly has at times sought distance from the president on the border and economic issues during his 16 months in Congress, his recent run of schisms with the White House demonstrates that it’s not just Sen. Kyrsten Sinema (D-Ariz.) calling her own shots in the Copper State.

Though Democrats are used to Sinema and Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) bucking them, Kelly’s vote against David Weil to be wage administrator for the Labor Department shocked party leaders, according to one Democratic senator supportive of the nomination. And his criticism of Biden’s approach to the southern border only grew louder after the White House reversed the Trump administration public-health order known as Title 42, potentially clearing the way for more immigrants seeking asylum to enter the country.

At this point it might be too late.

And hopefully, the Democrats’ control of the House and Senate will also be gone.

Stay tuned!

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