It’s nice to be a Democrat. The mainstream media can be so helpful.

Here’s the Associated Press’s fact-check about President Biden’s claim on Thursday about how much Americans would save by switching to “clean energy”:

President Joe Biden vastly overpromised Thursday when he told Americans they can expect savings of $500 a month by transitioning to renewable energy. It’s possible they might save that much over a year, not per month.

Biden addressed the subject while announcing plans to order the release of 1 million barrels of oil per day from the strategic petroleum reserve for the next six months.

Biden is grappling with fallout from surging energy prices, including gasoline that has reached an average of $4.23 per gallon, after the United States banned imports of Russian oil and gas.

The AP says Biden “misspoke”:

“Misspoke”? What a load of bovine excrement.

Yeah, “lied” is a much more honest way to describe it.

Isn’t it amazing how Democrats get such a benefit of the doubt from the media!

Biden also told Americans they could save about $80 a month on gas expenses, provided they buy an electric car, which would no doubt cost them far more than that a month in payments.

How many “misspeaks” equal hundreds of “lies”? Maybe the media will stop their hackery at some point… or maybe not.

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