Janice Dean today spotted an “interesting turn of events” for a former Fox News host who is now with CNN. We’re pretty sure Dean’s referring to Alisyn Camerota, who slammed a “toxic” environment at Fox News after she left, but the spin is a little softer when it comes to what’s happening at her current employer in regards to Jeff Zucker’s resignation:

Megyn Kelly’s not buying any of these attempts to spin what’s happened at CNN:

CNN hosts would clearly like everybody to believe this whole thing is about two consenting adults having a relationship, but there’s way more to the story.

They’re leaving out a lot, which frankly is not unusual for the “journalists” at CNN.



Megyn Kelly and Soledad O’Brien say the Zucker relationship was an ‘open secret.’ So, where were Brian Stelter and other media journos this whole time?