By any measure, President Biden had a bad Thursday. Democrat Sens. Sinema and Manchin said they’re not going to support efforts to nuke the filibuster so a “voting rights bill” and other spending initiatives can be passed, and the Supreme Court put a halt to much of this administration’s OSHA vaccine mandate. And then there was more inflation news:

With President Biden’s approval rating continuing to circle the drain lower and lower, Jen Psaki joined the attempt to shift the blame for inflation to Republicans:

You can smell the desperation.

Psaki would rather everybody forget that this is entirely on the Democrats.

Causing problems is this administration’s specialty. Solving them — not so much.

“Spend more money to halt the inflation that was caused by spending too much money” is the definition of insanity personified, but it’s not a bridge too far for this administration.

Weird how that worked out, right?