The world’s number one tennis player who is not vaccinated is awaiting an Australian court’s decision about his possible exemption to play in the Australian Open:

Novak Djokovic has had his visa to enter Australia dramatically revoked on his arrival in Melbourne, amid a huge backlash over a vaccine exemption.

Djokovic was held in the airport for several hours before border officials announced he had not met entry rules.

He was then taken to a government detention hotel. A court will decide on his deportation on Monday.

Touré’s comment on that story along with another with a previous tweet about the U.S. southern border caught the attention of Defiant L’s, which shares some epic shots & chasers like this one:

Here are both if you can’t see them above:


Well isn’t that something! However, Touré insists those tweets aren’t contradictory and that the right can’t grasp his nuance:

Ah, OK. But many don’t see it that way:

We’re a bit confused too.

Will we see the exceptionally rare Double-Double Defiant L?