Ever since the Covid-19 vaccines were rolled out, countless right-of-center users of social media have been suspended or banned for expressing skepticism about the vaccines. At the very least they’d have had their post slapped with a “contains misinformation” flag, and when Biden took office it was the Democrats (with the media’s help) portraying Republicans as “anti-vaxxers” or flat-out “anti-science” if they expressed any vaccine hesitancy.

With that in mind, Katie Pavlich was among those who spotted a September 2020 tweet from incoming Kamala Harris communications director Jamal Simmons:

No misinformation flag from Twitter for this?

The development of vaccines under then President Trump’s Operation Warp Speed brought with it a more skeptical brand of “science” from many on the Left.

And that includes Kamala Harris and Joe Biden.

If we had honest media they might have already asked her that question.

That could come in handy. We’ll see.