During the few press conferences that he does hold, President Biden will often remark about what he’s “not supposed to be” doing, seemingly forgetting that he’s the one who’s supposed to be calling the shots. But obviously, that’s not the case because yet another example has been spotted that’s making people wonder who’s really running the show:

Geez, if Biden’s medical team advised him to turn the U.S. over to China, would he do it without hesitation?

It’s becoming apparent who’s not in charge, that’s for sure.

Is this administration determined to make next year’s red wave even bigger? We’ll see.

There must have been some panic at the White House after Biden said “there’s no federal solution” to Covid while telling state governors it’s largely up to them. The thought of not attempting to wield supreme power under the guise of stopping a virus is just too enticing to willingly give up.

We don’t doubt that for one second.


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