If you’re the type of person that doesn’t require much proof, then Popular Science has shared a convincing photo:

This of course stems from a speech at COP26 in Scotland, which was attended by many eco-warriors, many of whom arrived via private jet:

Tuvalu representative Simon Kofe delivered a speech to delegates at the United Nations climate talks in Glasgow in a memorable way this week by standing in the rising seawater he was warning the world about. In the four-minute-long video, Kofe, the Tuvalu minister of Justice, Communication and Foreign Affairs, explained there is no time left for speeches because coastal areas are flooding, and not just in small island nations like his.

Back to that photo. Many aren’t buying it:

And have you noticed there’s always “no time left” for debate?

People like Barack Obama who spent millions of dollars for oceanfront property on Martha’s Vineyard obviously don’t appear to believe that’s going to happen any time soon.

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