According to the Real Clear Politics polling average, President Biden’s approval rating continues to sink like a stone:


And considering the nature of polling, a 42.4 approval for Biden is most likely a generous number.

CNN’s Jake Tapper shared one possible cause for Biden’s plummeting numbers:

People think Biden isn’t focused enough on the problems Americans are facing? That provides the perfect opening for this shot/chaser from Matt Whitlock:

Considering what’s happening at the border, with inflation, gas prices and many other issues, this administration’s “priorities” stick out like a sore thumb:

That doesn’t have much to do with the border issues she was supposedly put in charge of.

Not to mention we have a Transportation Secretary seemingly wholly focused on paternity leave.

Exactly! They’re saying that all the issues are the result of the economy firing on all cylinders again, and therefore aren’t problems. It’s laughable.