In the past few years, you’ve heard about books and articles written about things Donald Trump allegedly said and did that are based on unnamed sources, and because of the “Orange Man Bad” factor the media expects them to be automatically believed.

There’s another book coming out that will allow CNN, MSNBC and others to satisfy their Trump cravings, and Washington Post reporter Ashley Parker gave the book several plugs on Twitter, including this one:

First of all, “civil rights protesters”? That’s a debatable way to put it. Wait, it’s not even debatable:

And here’s a question:

Well, it just happens to be the same name as the author of the book — what a coincidence:


It’s the “journalism” circle of life!

Also, as usual, years worth of breathless media reports that turned out to be BS have caused a good level of healthy skepticism:

Unfortunately it’s not the end of it.