Over the course of last year and early this year, the “defund the police” movement has led to budget cuts in Portland, Minneapolis, New York City and other places. In New York, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez didn’t think NYC slashing the police budget by $1 billion went nearly far enough:

All that aside, Fox News’ Peter Doocy’s question for Jen Psaki had Biden’s press secretary flipping reality on its ear to try and give the impression the Democrats are the pro-police party. Watch:

It’s clear that the Biden administration and other Democrats are hoping everybody suffers amnesia and can’t remember anything that happened last year (and continues to be said in some circles):

We won’t hold our breath waiting for the fact-checkers to get on Psaki’s statement.

Polling data combined with midterm elections coming next year have caused many Democrats to do a few one-eighties compared to where they were last year: