Yesterday we told you about Charles C. W. Cooke’s must-read exposé on Rebekah Jones, the fired data scientist and supposed Covid-19 whistleblower in Florida who is still claiming that Gov. Ron DeSantis hid the true coronavirus death toll in his state. Drew Holden also had a great thread explaining how Jones’ grift went on for so long, all while many in the media took her claims seriously, which helped fuel lies about DeSantis all in an attempt to save face for Andrew Cuomo and other Democrats who crippled their states’ economies.

But now the media are backing away from Jones. CNN’s Oliver Darcy shared this quote from Cooke’s story about Jones at NRO:

CNN White House correspondent Kaitlyn Collins gave that a retweet:


And with Jones’ claims having imploded, questions for CNN’s journos followed:

CNN certainly did their part to give Jones a platform to spread the conspiracy theories.

But of course there was much triggering on the Left over Darcy using NRO as a source:

Some will never allow themselves to loosen their grip on what was a bogus narrative the entire time.