After Joe Biden and Kamala Harris were sworn into office on January 20th, people who have followed the mainstream media for any length of time said “now the fact-checkers can start their vacations!” That was said not because people actually expected fewer lies from the incoming administration, but — well, you know why.

However, CNN fact-checker Daniel Dale explained it all this way:

Sure, Biden doesn’t speak in speeches or to reporters nearly as much as Trump, but he’s been allowed to get away with some serious whoppers, and everybody knows why:

Just one example: Back in January, CNN reported that Dale found President Biden’s economic speech to be “highly factual” but with “some nuances” (there’s another word for “some nuances” but of course it wasn’t used).

Fact check: TRUE.

A lot of things Biden or Harris say seem to slip under the fact-checkers’ radar.