New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo held a briefing via telephone today and took some questions from reporters.

Before Cuomo spoke, there was speculation that he might resign after a 7th accuser came forward. But, as Janice Dean noted on Twitter, that didn’t happen:

Cuomo went the projection route in his criticism of Republicans and Democrats who have called on him to resign:

Calling others “reckless and dangerous” is a pretty ballsy allegation coming from the guy whose nursing home policies are responsible for thousands of deaths.

The governor also blamed “cancel culture” for the growing list of people demanding his resignation:

One of the more shameless moments was when Cuomo said people are going after him because he’s not part of the “political club.” Yeah, about that:

President Biden was also the recipient of praise from Cuomo, not that the White House will welcome this:

That’s what it was all about. And then the call ended rather abruptly: