The Senate impeachment trial started the day with no witnesses, but then there was a 55-45 vote in favor of calling witnesses, with five Republicans joining the “yes” votes. But at some point the Democrats must have recognized a backfire factor developing, because now we’re back to no witnesses and a trial that will likely conclude with Trump’s acquittal later this afternoon:

Here’s how the latest shift played out:

The lawyers in Donald Trump’s impeachment trial clinched an agreement that would bypass witness testimony, clearing the way for the former president to be acquitted on Saturday.

House Democrats prosecuting the case against Trump blindsided Senate Democrats when they asked for witness testimony on Saturday morning, prompting a 55-45 vote in favor of calling witnesses. But the House managers caved less than two hours later when they agreed to enter a statement from Rep. Jaime Herrera Beutler (R-Wash.) into the record, rather than seek testimony from Herrera Beutler as the managers had previously requested.

That was a fast one-eighty!

Considering how things have gone, we’re half expecting another vote in favor of witnesses at some point. You never know.