As we’ve reported, Lincoln Project co-founder John Weaver has been alleged to have sent inappropriate messages to dozens of young men. Many of these men came forward and shared their stories, including screenshots in some cases. After the allegations surfaced, Laura Ingraham reported on the allegations seems to have preceded Weaver’s content being deleted from the Lincoln Project’s website.

Around that same time, Twitter users noticed that searches of the group’s Twitter account weren’t possible:

Twitter has shared this explanation for why Lincoln Project tweets were temporarily not searchable:

From the Daily Caller:

A Twitter spokesperson told the DCNF Saturday morning that “this was a bug that was fixed yesterday.”

Twitter did not immediately address why the bug apparently only affected searches for the Lincoln Project at a time when a co-founder, John Weaver, was facing allegations of sexual misconduct.

Interesting timing for that “bug,” to say the least.

We’re sensing a bit of skepticism.