Before the video, here’s something to set the scene about what took place in the Quebec city of Gatineau (via CTVNews):

Gatineau police say two people were arrested New Year’s Eve and fines have been handed out after a confrontation that started over a gathering in a private home.

Police were called to a home on rue Le Baron at around 11:30 p.m. Thursday after they received a complaint. There, they found six adults inside.

Indoor and outdoor private gatherings are currently prohibited in Gatineau under Quebec’s COVID-19 response.

And this is what happened because six people were in a residence:

That’s incredibly disturbing:

It’s getting so this isn’t even about a virus anymore.

If enough people keep not objecting to it.

Police responded to outrage over the video with this explanation:

In a pair of tweets Saturday, Gatineau police (SPVG) said the video, which had more than 133,000 views on Twitter as of Saturday afternoon, is only part of the story and alleged that one of the people involved assaulted an officer.

“The video shows only an excerpt from the intervention,” the SPVG said in French. “The individuals were recalcitrant and refused to cooperate. The individual arrested in the video had assaulted a police officer, hitting him in the face a few times.”

None of which would have happened if six people in a residence presumably minding their own business would have been left alone.