The media, both current and former members, seem to be having some trouble wrapping their heads around the fact that Trump’s goal of having a coronavirus vaccine by the end of the year has not only come to fruition, but that millions of doses have already been delivered (in spite of media fact checks attempting to convince everybody that “millions” doesn’t really mean “millions”).

Dan Rather is also among those trying to turn a big success into a failure, and he tried to use the Obamacare website to do so:

Wow, the Godfather of Fake News continues to earn the title:

Also there’s the usual fast change of direction after having been proven wrong earlier in the year:


Isn’t this special:

Then, after a vaccine is delivered before the end of the year and over two million doses have been given, Rather then mocks the speed at which it’s happening. Ah, “journalism”!

That’s how they roll.


Or at least refuses to admit it.