There’s some sad news being reported this morning: Rep-Elect Luke Letlow has died at the age of 41 after being hospitalized with Covid-19:

According a report, Letlow “died from a heart attack following a procedure related to the infection.”

Vox correspondent Aaron Rupar immediately sprang into action to politicize the awful news:

Gee, what could he possibly be trying to say?

The “unity” is overwhelming.

“Putting politics aside” is an impossibility, apparently. But having double standards isn’t:

Dems & the media (pardon the redundancy) have made that point repeatedly this year, whether they’re self-aware enough to realize it or not.

Those people get a pass because their “intent” is acceptable.

After hearing about his first tweet, Rupar commenced with a slight adjustment:

What’s special are the assumptions that just because the congressman-elect opposed business lockdowns that he also was against precautions against the virus.

Nevertheless he’ll continue to push divisive partisan narratives.