An op-ed that ran in the Wall Street Journal recently sparked some hyperventilation among Democrats and the media. The article, written by Joseph Epstein, is about Jill Biden and titled “Is there a doctor in the White House? Not if you need an M.D.” Epstein argued that Jill Biden should drop the “doctor” honorific.

Defending the article’s publication, WSJ editorial page editor Paul Gigot managed to sum up in just a few words how much of the media works as an arm of the DNC as opposed to how they’ve covered Trump for four years:

It’s clear that “reporters” are going to dislocate some shoulders carrying some heavy water for the Bidens in the coming months and years.

The fact that a media outlet gets ganged up on by other media outlets at the behest of Democrats should disturb a much larger segment of the media, but it won’t because they know pushing the Left’s narratives is job #1.

The MSM makes that clearer by the day.