Earlier today we told you about a New York Post story about emails that were purportedly recovered from Hunter Biden’s laptop. The New York Post reported that leaked emails indicate that Hunter Biden leveraged connection to his father to boost his pay at Burisma.

While the story continues to unfold and be examined, the Biden campaign is being reminded why they can count on the firefighters in the mainstream media to help tamp down the story.

As for the Washington Post, fact-checker Glenn Kessler reminded everybody about the paper’s policy regarding leaked information:

We’ll get back to that policy in a second.

That’s the one!

As you might have guessed, many are noticing that the WaPo’s “policy” has been selectively enforced in the past:

But for this particular developing story about the Bidens, the media don’t seem to be in such a rush to report.

They sure do!

Kessler says the Post is looking into the story but won’t report it yet:

Now imagine the story being about one of President Trump’s children and not having yet been mentioned in the Washington Post.