It all started with a video that’s been going around showing a woman claiming to have received an absentee ballot request form in the mail that has President Trump’s picture on it. The video has been just recently deleted, but not before it had already been spread by people with millions of followers, such as Bette Midler and Jimmy Kimmel (the latter of which has already deleted his tweet, which is screen-shotted below:


Maybe Midler didn’t see, or care, about this:

Ya think so!?

How very NOT surprising:

What was shown in the video was of course a Trump campaign mailer that also contains information on how to request an absentee ballot (as has been done by other campaigns as well). But hey, “tweet first, ask questions later — if ever,” or something.

It’s almost as if they hoped it was true that official absentee ballot request forms had Trump’s picture plastered all over them.

And yet they mock Trump for calling out “fake news” while continually spreading it around themselves.